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as a social movement in the year of 2015. The initial goal was to promote peace and to unify our community. In 2017, our Founder (Crystal DuPree) was inspired to convert I Am You into a non-profit organization, becoming I Am You, Inc. The organization was then revamped and our Transformational Development Program was developed, which is a major component within the organization - introducing our Co-Facilitator (Eboni Church). Both, DuPree and Church are devoted to self-improvement and share a passion for helping others to become the healthiest versions of themselves. Their mothers, who are childhood best friends but sisters by heart, were also a source of inspiration. Their examples of sisterhood and togetherness was so genuine, that it conveyed a feeling that they wanted to also share with the world. I Am You, Inc. was then birthed into an organization that is committed to fostering transformation and promoting unity. The words I Am You are so much more than a name or simple statement. I Am You is a prompt, a reminder, and encouragement to take a course of action - to transform ourselves in order to transform our world.

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We aim to provide the tools, support, and positive alternatives needed in order to create an environment that is suitable for growth and healing and to ultimately amend the community. ​

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