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"I Am You Too"

An extension of I Am You, Inc., and a Statement of Inclusiveness

I Am You Too, an extension of I Am You, Inc., is a commitment-driven organization currently located within James T. Vaughn Correctional Facility. We believe that effective treatment, education, vocational, and employment programs should be the core focus of any correctional institution. To this end, we consistently collaborate and work to ensure that all needs are met. Our members actively engage in their own transformational development. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond personal growth; we are equally devoted to serving and giving back to our communities—all from within the facility walls.

The goal of I Am You, Inc. and its extensions is to provide transformational tools, support, and positive alternatives as needed. This effort aims to assist not only youth, families, and communities but also those who are incarcerated—all considered at-risk—helping them identify and overcome obstacles that could hinder their full potential.

Together, we strive to create a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Concept Of Belonging and inclusion idea as a symbol of diverse people uniting together and

Meet Our Group

John R. DuPree Sr.
Elijah Thomas
Alander J. Willis
Kevin Howard
Jeffery Crippen
El'Hassan Akbar
Albert Smith
Fenel Baine
Hayward Evans
Joseph Williams
Hilton Tribbett

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