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Image by Suzanne D. Williams


Transformational Development is the process through which children, families and communities identify and overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living life in all its fullness.


We aspire to motivate our youth to become the best version on themselves. By way of periodic youth recognition awards, we aim to motivate by acknowledging achievements and progress. Periodically and per requests, we honor and recognize students of any grade level. Any student who has shown a significant amount of improvement, been a positive role model for his/her peers, recently accomplished a short/long term goal, been on track for a notable amount of time, or has simply exhibited an outstanding amount of effort will qualify. To nominate a student, please send their name and a brief description about his/her achievement(s) via email.

(Please note that we have limited spots. If your student is not selected as a result, you may insert another request during another period.)

* The chosen student(s) will receive the following: An acknowledgment certificate, a gift card and recognition article on



Here at I Am You, Inc., we believe in social responsibly and working together to fulfill our civic duties for the benefit of the community. If you or someone you know are interested in community services, please contact us for more information.

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