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William Penn High School Students, Janai Jason & Reyna Vargas, Receive I AM YOU Recognition Award

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

I Am You, Inc. has just launched our very first periodic Student Recognition Award. With such great response and the significant amount of students demonstrating such honorable behavior, we could not bring ourselves to acknowledge only one. With that being said, we would like to say congratulations and thank you to Janai Jason and Reyna Vargas,for their commitment to helping others and becoming the best versions of themselves!


Janai is a Senior in High School and a National Honor Society student, who is known for going above and beyond to serve our community. As a NHS member, she'd committed to completing 100 community service hours, from the time of her induction until the designated date in May of her Senior year. Being the goal-oriented individual that she is, Janai exceeded the requirements and completed all of her hours by the month of November! In spite of her accomplishment, Janai chose to continue volunteering and is still very much involved in both school and community-based projects. She's volunteered with community organizations such as, the Down Syndrome Association, Special Olympics DE, and numerous groups throughout Colonial School District. Janai gives without expectations and has had a substantial impact on those around her!

"Janai has continuously gone above and beyond the call of ' Volunteer duty'. She is an outstanding citizen as well as an outstanding student who is definitely deserving of this honor and recognition." - Patricia Buzby, Spanish Teacher


Reyna is a Junior at William Penn High School and is the Vice President of the Key Club. Reyna is known for her ability to take the initiative and to carry out complex tasks enthusiastically. When needed, she's taken it upon herself to recruit other students to fill vacant positions in the Key Club, run weekly meetings and advocate for her group when communicating with outside organizations. Being the good samaritan she is, Reyna has helped organize and participated in the Fall Harvest Festival. She's also led the William Penn Toy Drive, orchestrating pick-ups and drop-offs for toys donated to Presley Ridge, Children's Choice and Christiana Care. Reyna is constantly uplifting others and has been a remarkable role model for her peers!

"Reyna consistently leads other students in helping the community and those in need. Reyna goes above and beyond to setup and facilitate events and fundraisers that benefit children, animals and the community as a whole." - Lawrence Fishman, History Teacher

These two young ladies have demonstrated excellence academically and socially! Their dedication to growth and to our community is most certainly notable, and we are honored to have had the opportunity to encounter such exemplary leaders! Keep up the good work, you never know who's watching and/or being inspired!

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